Fundamentals of Immunoassay Testing Used in Toxicology

Fundamentals of Immunoassay Testing Used in Toxicology


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This training is designed for forensic toxicologists with some familiarity with sample screening. The course provides information about the use, theory and techniques of commonly used immunoassays for forensic toxicology analyses. The goal of this training program is to enhance the participant’s understanding of immunoassay theory, immunoassay techniques used for the detection of drugs or metabolites, and the implementation of immunoassays in the forensic toxicology laboratory.

Immunoassay is routinely used in forensic toxicology to evaluate biological samples—such as urine, blood, oral fluid, or hair—for the presumptive presence of drugs or other toxins of interest. Toxicology laboratories routinely use immunoassays for screening and presumptive determinations on samples.

Course Type: On-Demand Presentation

Length: Approximately 60 minutes

Performance Requirement: Interactive questions will be included in the material to ensure participants understand the material. Documentation will be provided for attendance.

Course Accreditation: Certificate of Attendance


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