How to Be a Good Expert Witness

How to Be a Good Expert Witness


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This presentation discusses the skills and practices necessary to be a good expert witness. Court is a unique place, and this course will provide an overview of the rules of court, as well as the rules for conduct and interaction. This course will explain the purpose of court and the role of the expert witness, as well as how to carry out that role properly, and the steps that any expert witness should take to prepare for court. Finally, the course will outline and describe various tactics and strategies sometimes used by attorneys to discredit witnesses.

Course Type: On-Demand Presentation

Length: Approximately 90 minutes

Performance Requirement: An online pre and post-course test, with a passing score of 80%, will be required to obtain accreditation and certificate of attendance. Additionally, polling questions will be used to ensure that participants understand the material.

Course Accreditation: Certificate of Attendance

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