Introduction to Uncertainty in Forensic Chemistry and Toxicology

Introduction to Uncertainty in Forensic Chemistry and Toxicology


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In the fields of forensic chemistry and toxicology, we are often asked to calculate critical quantitative values (e.g., mass, concentration, purity, or volume), but until recently, these values have been provided without much regard to how “sure” we are of those calculated values. Estimating the uncertainty of a critical measurement is a requirement for laboratories seeking and maintaining accreditation under an ISO 17025-based accreditation program. As with many unfamiliar concepts, measurement uncertainty seems to have introduced a new level of anxiety among many forensic scientists.

Course Type: On-Demand Presentation

Length: Approximately 90 minutes

Performance Requirement: Interactive questions will be included in the material to ensure participants understand the material. Documentation will be provided for attendance.

Course Accreditation: Documentation of completion

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